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Waitin on love ain't so easy to do.

So it's been ages since I've updated this beast but it seems in order. 

Yesterday I deleted my myspace, that felt good. It seriously is addicting in a sickening way. 

The past couple weeks emotionally for me have been insane. I can't even describe it to you. I've been all over the map though, let me tell you. Right now I just feel like the only thing I can do is sit back and relax and let things play out how they may. You can't control other people, how they feel or what they do. 

Break so far has been pretty busy and I'm def. not complaining. It is going by really fast though, which kind of sucks. 

I might get my top braces off today, that's good :-)

Some friendships are weird right now. I feel stuck in the middle a lot lately. I feel helpless.
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