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When I seeeee you smile.

So here is what I've been doing.

-Chipp soccer camp for little kids is over. I had a blast being "Coach Liz" all last week and it was easy money.
-Hangin' with Chinz and my savages is good. Started painting Steph's room yesterday.
-2nd week of Driver's Training is this week. It's gunna go quick.
-Been playing softball, haha I suck. Prob cause I didn't play high school like everyone else. Oh well.
-RSSC signing party was cool, except for the 3-fingered banshee. haha

Don't think I'm going on VACA with my aunt and cousins anymore because it is the same week as CAMP JOE?

I'm not sure.

Looking forward to the 4th and the long trip up north. Hoping for an approx. 5 day adventure. Anyone want to come with?
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