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Last night and such.

Last night some RSSC savages came over. (Stoof, Em, Hil and Megs) It was great to all be together again, you don't even know. I miss RSSC so much these days and I know will even more once the high school season begins. 

We played some classic games and then drove over to Brian's to TP his house :) It was priceless seeing him come out in his white pants to clean it up. But then of course Em and Stoof don't run back to the car! So Hil, Megs and I were like speeding down Boulder in the PT get-away car w/o Em and Stoof. So we circle the area a couple times but we couldn't find them. Luckily, we finally did. haha What a h00t.

Um this morning we went to get bagels from Elaine's, they were delicious. They left around 12 and now I am going to hang out with Brandon because he is a cool kid. 

Julia Vermeersch come home and see me! <3333
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