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I wanna hear good news, good news.

Today after I got home was amazing for 2.5 reasons!

1-I GOT A LETTER FROM ANDIE! She was my JC at camp and she sent me a card and it was so thoughtful because no one else got them but me. I feel special. Andie and I really bonded since our rooms were like next door and stuff. So yah that definetly brought a HUGE smile to my face today. <33

2-My mom brought me home CRACKER BARRELL chicken and dumplings for dinner. JUST FOR ME TOO! None for her or dad, that was also a special part of my day.

2.5-My mom bought me some VALOMILKS at Cracker Barrell to. I told her I wanted to try them after seeing them on the food network, and they were everything I had dreamed of. They are like peanut butter cups except inside the chocolate outside is YUMMY GOOEY MARSHMALLOW. They were delicious.
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