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This is my life...

So yesterday was our first indoor game at 9 A.M. So like the game is almost over and I'm up in the air challenging this girl or something. And I started to come down (thanks gravity) and I know I'm gunna land funny, so I try to grab the girl down with me to like break my fall? But she doesnt come down with me and I land really funny on my leg and I hear this hugeee loud CRACK! I start screaming from pain. I'm like flipping out I thought I like broke my leg in half or something.

Thank goodness for Mr. Roberts who piggy backed me out of Oakland Yard where I felt like I was going to barf all over the parking lot. My mom said my face was really green, I probably felt sick from the pain and since I hadn't eaten anything yet didn't really help my belly. arted to feel better and got in the car, but I made Steph come to the Emergency Room at Beaumont with me.

I liked riding around in the wheel chair and looking at LATINA magazine. My mom got me and Steph in trouble by the workers for laughing so loudly. The Xrays didn't show anything broken but they said it was probably a bad sprain so they gave me this faggot boot thing to wear. It still hruts like a bitch, I swear to God this is the worst pain I've felt in my life yet. It sucks. My moms getting me into see my Orthopedic Rafat this week to get the real deal and shizzzz. Hopefully I'm not out too long, but if I am I hope it includes high school.

I don't mind sitting around on my butt all day though watching TV and movies, oh yeah and eating.
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