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This weekend.

Alright so Friday I left to go to Steph's around 4. We ate dinner and Em and Megs were like frantically calling us wondering why we weren't at the Adams game yet. They don't understand fashionably late I guess? So we finally went. Finally the only worthwhile time came around, HALF TIME! I got to see Mikey and Maria looking GORGEOUS on homecoming court. I love both of you.

Saturday of course was chaotic getting ready and Steph's hair appt. got messed up. I woke up feeling even sicker than before to make things even better. Finally 5:30 rolled around and we were all taking pics and then we peaced out on the bus. Buca was a good time with some good food. We did underestimate our hunger though. Got to the dance at a good time. Had a blast, minus the weird chinese guy who scared me. Saw Mikey, Torri and a bunch of other cool kids. After party was lame until Frank was being on crack and I was peeing my pants. Got back to Stoof's and I was especially pooped since I was like sick and stuff so I went to bed.


Came back to the reality of my stressful life today. I hate this year. On a nicer not I am now even more amped for Dakota's homecoming! I'm going with AJ and I'm sure we'll have a blast. Plus we're going with like my favs. :)

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