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Today was eventful.

Last night I spent the night at Stoof's and then this morning I went to her Adams registration with her because she doesn't have any other friends to go with. Then my cousins, Corey and Michelle, and my father picked me up from Adams and we were off to the Tigers game.

The Tigers played the Red Sox so it was a good game and the Tigers actually won, congrats. But the game was fun and we had the funniest kids sitting behind us so I enjoyed that. I feel so sick from eating so much crap though the past 2 days. Shoot me now.

After the game stopped by the cousins for a few then before you know it I was off to soccer practice. Now I'm here having no life what so ever once again. ha

Tomorrow though hopefully hanging with the savs during the day then STUGO LOCK-IN ALL NIGHT! 

Friday = first tournament, I'm excited.

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