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So summer had been pretty good so far. This has been the worst week yet, but I can't complain. I was up north a buttload already but probably won't have a lot of time to go up a lot the rest of summer.

Julia's bday was the other day. The day before that Adam threw the newspaper on her roof. Reminds me of pink play-do on my roof, Adam <3's roofs.

Sunday I leave for MASC camp. I'm so psyched. It's going to be weird because Julia won't be my roomate. I'm most likely going to be with someone who is a complete stranger, but I'm looking forward to having a blast anyways and meeting some cool people. I'm also upset I won't get to be chillin' with Tors, Mikey, and Anna but life goes on.

Katey Casteel's graduation party is Saturday. I'll def. be hitting that up with Chinzi.

I don't have much to say really at all.

I love Zoey 101.

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